Founded by mother and daughter Chari Vidal-Curtis and Nikki Alicia Vidal, Charlies Agents was started in September of 2009. Combining our passion for assisting the older adult community and extensive knowledge in health insurance, we started out specializing in medicare insurance products.

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After several clients came to us for help with their other insurance needs, Charlies agents became licensed and certified in all types of insurance in 2010 including: business, home, auto and many more.  With a rapidly growing client base, Charlies Agents moved into a beautiful new location in June of 2013.  We are centrally located in West Tampa, making us convenient to access if you’re in the Tampa Bay Area. Here at Charlies Agents, we are contracted with most all insurance companies, allowing us to present the best option to you.

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Here are a few reasons why Charlie’s Agents should be your first and last stop when looking for insurance.

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